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What We Do

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What Can We Do For You?

The beauty of our service is that we take our brief from you, we don’t say “Sorry Madam\Sir you have to go here or there”.  We will follow your brief as closely as possible and if we have to amend it, then, there will be a really good reason as to why.  We also understand that vacations can be expensive, because of this we cost our services according to the package you require, from as little as 150* when you are working to tight budgets raising depending on what you require. Either way; your dialysis treatment itself will not differ.



So, what can we do?  Well, taking into account that we are not a travel agent we can actually do quite a bit, we can:


  • Find reasonably priced flights
  • Arrange Car Hire
  • Liaise with your Dialysis Centre & the Dialysis Centres in the UK
  • Arrange other Dialysis Centres in the UK if you wish to tour
  • Find specialised holiday centres that have facilities for clients needing Dialysis
  • Look for accommodation close to Dialysis Centres
  • Provide a fixer to take you around our wonderful country*


And much more!!


So, you want to know more?  Then use the form at 'Contact Us' to send us a brief list of your requirements and contact details and we will get back to you.

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* 50% deposit required