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A Brief History.

Dialysis Vacations UK was born out of necessity when our founder’s future Father In-Law came to England on vacation from New Jersey USA.  The amount of paperwork and tests that had to be done and sent in advance proved to be a logistical nightmare.  Our founder (Steve Bilton) took it upon himself to make sure that everything went smoothly and in doing so realised that the amount of red tape involved would probably put American Citizens off visiting England.  After all organising a Vacation to a different continent is quite an undertaking in itself let alone having to organise Dialysis as well.


The big problem seemed to be inconsistency of information and lack of communication between Dialysis centres in both the UK and USA, which isn’t really that surprising when you understand how different the two health systems are.


With all this in mind Steve realised that there was a need for someone to be employed as an ‘Agent’ for those people needing Dialysis who wanted to visit the UK but were put off by the sheer enormity of the task, so taking the experience gained from his future father in-laws visit and his knowledge of travel to and from America he formed Dialysis Vacations UK

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